The second postponed edition of the Early Career's meeting 2021: Hot Topics in the Lab is taking place online on Thursday 13th May 2021. This is a one-day DMDG meeting designed to provide a platform for early career DMDG members to participate in a vibrant scientific meeting.

This free event is exclusively open to scientists who are currently in their first 5 years of working in a DMPK role. We anticipate many of the delegates will have the opportunity to deliver a first presentation to a welcoming audience. Due to travel and social distancing restrictions, the event will take place online utilising our bespoke virtual platform.

Additionally, the event will feature a poster session with the opportunity for all delegates to present a poster. We are appealing to managers and early career scientists to work together to design posters (A0 PORTRAIT format) and presentations based around work in the lab which can be shared with other DMDG members in the online poster room. There will also be the opportunity to give a short summary presentation on your poster in a Poster Blitz session, similar to those held at DMDG Open Meetings.

Subject areas for the sessions include:

  • In-vitro metabolism

  • In-vitro permeability and transporters

  • Protein binding - what really is the gold standard assay?

  • What impact do physico-chemical properties have on drug design (previous case studies)

  • In-vivo sample analysis, issues faced and solutions

We invite abstracts for both oral and poster presentations in these areas. Please contact the DMDG apprentice committee member, Sarah Armstrong, and the DMDG Secretariat by emailing us here. In your email, state whether you would like to present a poster, an oral presentation, or both. Deadline for submissions is Friday 16 April 2021.