The current regulatory landscape for the development of oligonucleotide drugs may lead companies to perform a variety of small molecule-focussed ADME studies in support of filing packages. The aim of this workshop is for member company scientists to discuss and exchange ideas and experience of oligonucleotide ADME related challenges (active participation is expected). Asking the question, if the current activities are suitable for these modalities, and should science-driven decisions on development of such molecules be implemented more in the industry.

If you work in the drug development of oligonucleotides, and have such questions (or additional ones), please join in on the debate with us online on the afternoons of the 17th and 18th November 2021, for two ½ days meeting.

The programme will be available soon.

The cost to attend the workshop is £15 to cover the DMDG admin, and you can register here.

If you have a hot topic you would like to be discussed (or a case story to share) then please contact the organisers (, or

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