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The Joint DMDG/GMP Open Meeting 2016
19 - 21 October, Espace St Martin, 199bis rue Saint Martin, 75003, Paris, France

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Meeting Theme:  'Back to Le Futur of Drug Metabolism and Disposition'

Welcome to our invitation for contributions to and registrations for the second joint meeting between DMDG and GMP.

We have a great programme coming together which caters for the breadth of membership from both organisations. We hope that you are inspired to both join us and contribute a poster or oral presentation at this year’s meeting, as well as contributing to the great discussion that the topics chosen will generate.

All meeting sessions, including the Poster Session, will be held in English. We invite you to submit a poster by contacting the Poster Session organisers (details on the Session Synopsis page).

We very much look forward to meeting you in Paris in October.

The 2016 Organising Committee

Vassilios Aslanis and Suzanne Iverson Hemberg (Chairs), Charbel Azar, Sylvaine Cartot-Cotton, Marion Dehez, Jo Goodman, Claire Henson, Peter Kilford, Marion Millet, Olivier Petricoul, Graeme Scarfe, Antonin Schmitt, Becky Scott, Mark Seymour, Rowan Stringer, Marc Trellu.

The 2016 Scientific Committee

Sylvaine Cartot-Cotton, Graeme Clark, Antoine Deslandes, Sherri Dudal, Florence Gattacceca, Vibeke Hougaard Sunesen, Sunil Mathur, Karelle Menochet, Marion Millet, Angus Nedderman, Tim Sangster, Marc Trellu, Mohammed Ullah, James Yates.


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